Communication Workshop

Communication is the essential building block of a successful organisation. If you would like to express your thoughts and opinions to others with more confidence and conviction, this workshop explores a range of proven communication techniques and strategies that can be used to develop and maintain successful relationships both inside and outside the workplace.


This workshop aims to help you develop a strategic mode of communication. Interactive participation, including role-play, will put theory into practice, and explain how to apply the theoretical points taught in easy daily applications.


Topics covered

 What is communication?

 Effective Body Language

 Listening skills to identify issues

 Emphatic responses in replying to others


Is this course right for you?

This course is designed for anyone who’d like to improve their own personal communication skills to better express information and ideas to others in the workplace.


Would you like to:

 Increase your self awareness through analysing yourself across a wide range of psychological frameworks

 Enhance your people skills using these frameworks to analyse others in the event you might choose a more effective way of communicating

 Improve your ability to understand and work effectively with the various and sometimes complex dynamics of groups, teams, families and organisations

 Do you fear giving critical at work feedback and would like to improve your skills?

 Perhaps you might like to better understand your own communications skills, so that you can interact in a more constructive manner.


Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of this workshop you’ll be able to:

 Identify and develop your personal communication style while adapting your behaviours to better express your ideas in the workplace

 Understand the role of culture, stereotypes and bias in communication and break down barriers to effectively communicate

 Use active listening techniques and effective questioning skills to enhance your understanding and show empathy

 Give and receive appropriate feedback and use trusted techniques to deal with difficult situations


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