“I first met Lee from Lifeskills some 15 years ago after the breakdown of my marriage.


I cannot recommend highly enough, Lifeskills Australia when it comes to helping my children & I really understand why parts of our lives’ aren’t working so well.


Holding our hearts in one hand while digging deep with the other to help us find the answers that we need to live a full and happy life.


The incredible insight we got from just a single one on one visit gave all of us the appetite to search further for answers and book in to do the 4 day intensive group counselling (at different times as recommended).


From drug addition to anorexia, anxiety, fear and rage I’ve seen miracles happen in just 4 days with the Lifeskills staff, they seem to have this incredible ability to listen to what you don’t say and in doing so the truth becomes so clear.


If you are at all interested in really getting to the bottom of why your life may not be working so well then Lee and her team Lifeskills Australia would be my recommendation 100%.”


LR, 50, Florist



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