Susan has accomplished a wide range of experiences working as a Psychologist working with children from age 5, adolescents, adults and older adults to empower them to have the best quality lives. Her experiences have also included working with Australian Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Island people, people with disability, people with sexual minority orientation and people will complex mental health issues. Among the issues Susan has counselled people experiencing grief ,trauma, conflict in relationships, child and adolescent learning, socio/emotional and behavioural issues, career issues and supportive counselling for a host of reasons. This has included counselling the individual, couples and families and working autonomously and as part of a wider multidisciplinary team.

Using her Psychological and teaching skills Susan has worked with clients and relevant stakeholders to assist clients to effectively communicate and deal with a myriad of client types and issues by gaining experience in a host of situations. This has included working in within Perth city, and regionally at schools, NGOs and other organisations , and in remote Queensland at a school for disengaged Aboriginal Adolescents over the past decade. Further, Susan has worked together with clients and relevant stakeholders to empower clients to learn knowledge and skills to take better control of their lives. This has included the psycho-education of anger management, effective communications, interventions to assist their learning, overcoming fears and phobias, parenting skills focusing on positive parenting, relaxation methods, and thinking and feeling and behaving in different ways to overcome barriers and open new more positive ways of being and relating.

Underpinning all Susan’s work is the ethos that all people deserve the very best quality life without exception. She is aware that people are not to blame for most of what they come to counselling for and she has an open and non-judgemental approach. She collaborates with the client to examine the issues they have in a holistic way, looking at their entire life, at home, in relationships, at work, the difficulties they face with health issues psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The importance of a warm and respectful therapeutic alliance with clients and relevant stakeholders based on empathy and caring drives Susan’s work to be an effective therapist. All her life she has devoted her career efforts toward helping others, starting with working with people with disabilities ,and teaching students before deciding to become a Psychologist.. Susan examines each client’s life carefully before collaborating to develop interventions and then assesses client progress and evaluation all in consultation with the client and often a team of stakeholders which have included the client’s family, other Psychologists and professionals, and community agencies.

The range of therapies Susan uses, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Trauma Therapy are used as part of an eclectic mix to encourage clients to take control of their lives, learn knowledge and skills in a sustainable and transferable way to enrich their lives and relationships and all living conditions to be the very best that they can be.

Susan has worked independently to become and work as a Psychologist because she cares about other people. Included in her achievements her dedication to this and Psychology is evident in her studies throughout in Psychology including a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, her Bachelor of Psychology, Graduate Diploma and Scholl Psychology and her Master in Psychology. Susan has experienced hardships during her life and this combined with her natural affinity with people and her work experiences makes her excellent as a caring and diligent Psychologist therapist . Susan endeavours to keep abreast with the best psychological practices and has an analytical mind that questions whether Psychological practices are in the best interests of the client at all times. Not afraid to question Susan is indeed an innovative Psychologist there for the people. To Susan the greatest reward is client satisfaction that therapy has improved their life.

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