Face-to-face in Perth, Australia. Phone Counselling. Skype or Online Counselling.

A registered counsellor who uses person-centred approach, together with hypnotherapy techniques when appropriate to effectively help you work through your life challenges.

Born and raised in the multi-racial Singapore, I was exposed to various cultures and languages, such upbringing nurtured me to have an open mind and be accepting of others’ differences. I also had the opportunity to be educated in different countries, from Singapore to the U.S.A, from Malaysia to Australia, this further expanded my interactions with diverse cultures and counselling practices.

While we may have backgrounds or lifestyle that differs, maybe even different religious and political views, or perhaps different upbringing and living environment may seem to limit our circumstances, I passionately believes that you and I have one thing in common. That is, we all have that inner strength, that resilience within us which will help ourselves reach our full potential.








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