Face-to-face in Perth, Australia. Phone Counselling. Online Counselling.

A registered counsellor, coach, father, husband & mindful optimist devoted to helping you become and stay on the best version of yourself.

I’ve also had the privilege of helping countless individuals – in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia – to address their doubts and challenges and to feel empowered to make clearer personal and professional decisions, and also to smoothly execute them.

From Portugal to Mozambique, and from Timor-Leste to Australia, in the rural communities that I worked with, as much as in fast-paced mega-cities, I’ve seen that people everywhere are troubled by the same essential doubts, face the same dilemmas, and end up being conditioned by the same kind of limiting perceptions. Plus, being a father helps me to be especially able to relate to other parents who struggle with many of the challenges of motherhood and fatherhood.




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