I am extremely passionate about providing people with a positive and safe space to talk about sex, sexual health and sexuality. I believe everyone deserves acceptance, guidance and support in matters of their sexuality and that sexual education and information needs to be more inclusive, honest and unambiguous.

I am trained to counsel, educate and facilitate discussion on topics of human sexuality.

These key areas are:

A session with me would include discussion, information giving and facilitation of methods to handle sexual issues as well as addressing the wider social and emotional repercussions that these issues cause. I offer support to set goals, build confidence, increase communication with support groups (peers, family, designated alliance groups) and/or provide general emotional support for the individual. I am also extremely encouraging of parents/family members who wish to see me for advice on and support with how to accept and nurture a young person who may be struggling with any of the above.

I also facilitate our Lifeskills 4 Day Intensive Seminar which helps people understand the core of their personality and discover ways to handle the world around them. You can book in with me to find out if the Seminar could help you develop the techniques you need to start living your life the way you want to.

How I work: Face-to-face consults, group work, phone and skype consults
Who I work with: Children, adolescents, adults and couples



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