Denny has been counselling in various specialist areas since the late seventies. After ten years as a teacher and thirty-one years as a Social Worker, in various government, family support, private and corporate agencies, she still has a love for individual, couple, family and group therapy.

What a roller coaster ride of emotions parenting is in this era? It’s a different era, this modern world, to the one that we grew up in as youths, what with the technology and the fast pace of the world and its variety of social problems, plus a massive array of careers and opportunities. They can easily get lost in it all. Despite studying at Master’s level (Social Work at University of Denver Colorado) as a Psychotherapist, she feels she learnt more from the trials, tribulations and joys of raising her son on her own.

In the early 2000s at Ngala Family Resource Centre Denny set up a program which focused on psychotherapy with early parenting and attachment issues. This was a study that looked at the variety of parenting attachments that can occur and how this can affect the development of a child and this child’s growing ability to cope in the world, connect in relationships and eventually parent for themselves.

From 2005 Denny has worked in her own private practice, which has given her a large scope of experience and introduced a massive range of identified problems, a range of mental health illnesses, developmental issues, disabilities and the various transitional adjustments and communication problems which people experience, just in the course of their normal life.
Denny is able to offer clients a rebate under the mental health care plan scheme via Medicare.

Denny also enjoys training new therapists and providing clinical supervision. She has worked with many multi-disciplines of therapists/carers/educators (such as social workers, teachers, psychologists, art therapists, early education workers, group workers, direct care workers, social trainers, nurses, principals, occupational therapists, speech therapists, prison officers, mental health nurses and midwives).

Personally, Denny has a strong belief in kindness, sense of humour and an understanding that we unfortunately we often lack the full context of what a person is living. Compassion for our fellow human beings and other living things is paramount.


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