Workplace Behaviour Coaching


When a staff member’s work performance falls below expected standards, or their employment status is at risk, intervening with intensive workplace coaching can help them to get back on track by addressing specific performance gaps or working towards specific goals determined at the time of the referral.

While not directly related to a formal performance management process, the program is designed to address:

  • Absenteeism, ongoing lateness or general tardiness when delivering work
  • Concerns around quality or quantity of work
  • Safety concerns
  • Erratic, disruptive or negative workplace behaviours
  • Personal issues impacting on workplace performance
  • Communication style or workplace relationship issues with other staff
  • Other work performance issues


Our EAP partners are concerned about the toll, counter-productive attitudes and behaviour have on their organisation. They are expensive in terms of productivity, absenteeism, workplace health and safety. The costs are not just financial, they also hurt others in the organisation and they drive good quality employees out to your competitors.

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