Weight Management and Eating Disorders

Dieting alone may not create lasting change. Weight Management counselling not only helps you explore your food options, it also focuses on how you relate to food and exercise.


You may have already experienced that there are two parts to you, the one who wants to change and the one who is keeping you the same. The one who wants to change may set a goal to adhere to a strict diet or exercise program or cut out all fast food but the one who wants to stay the same may struggle with this change and overtake again as soon as there is a small break in your resolution.



How can Weight Management Counselling help?


  Build-up good intentions to engage in healthy behaviours, and help to maintain newly formed lifestyle

  Help you identify where you are on your journey toward change and why you are so reluctant to take the next steps

  Explore and change how you think about yourself, how you act, and circumstances that surround how you act can also help with weight management.

  Resolve any underlying emotional issues that might be driving your diet or exercise related behavior

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