Couples and Relationships

Couples today face a myriad of stressors – juggling work, home, children, and trying to live up to expectations of their spouse and extended family. As a result, many marriages break down and couples end up on the brink of divorce. Furthermore, the never-ending adjustment and challenges that couples face in the early years of marriage – adjusting to their new partner, in-laws, expectations, differing life goals, work, or simply managing differences – pose a threat to them.



Why Couples Counselling?


  You do not communicate well with your partner

  You feel angry with your partner

  You do not feel a sense of intimacy with your partner

  You feel that you love your partner, but just think that something is somehow “missing” in the relationship

  You felt that your partner don’t value your opinions


In the beginning of a new relationship, couples often go through a phase of happiness, excitement and curiosity. As they get to know each other better, each other’s strengths and weaknesses reveal more and more. While some partners hope their differences may be accepted by the other party, other partners may choose to turn a blind eye on their partner’s weaknesses, or hope changes may occur with time. However, such relationship tends to become more tensed or passive as time goes, causing couples to be on crossroads of their relationship.


More often than not, both parties find that they love each other deeply, but just do not know how to move on in the relationship constructively. In cases like this, it would be beneficial to seek professional counselling to revisit and understand why circumstances have developed to the present state over the period of the relationship.


Counselling aims to create self-awareness for the client about issues that could be affecting their marital relationship. Individuals can choose to go for private sessions with the counsellor prior to attending couple sessions with their spouse when they are ready to work on their issues together. Couple sessions generally focus on enhancing the marital relationship by allowing the couple to gain a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


As each couple’s issue are unique, the challenges that they face vary. The therapy we provide is hence focused on providing a secure and safe space for the couple to bring up their concerns. This allows for better functioning of the marital relationship as the triggers that cause dysfunction in the relationship can be managed through fostering greater understanding between each other.


When adequate understanding, awareness and insight is gained, couple can regain the new found knowledge to move forward their goals in their lives.

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