ANGER Management

What can you expect?

This group will review the notions of anger and rage. You will be able to understand your own physical, biochemical and biomechanical responses when angered or enraged and what is the difference. We will use group process and some role play to discuss, review, manage, and become more comfortable, with our anger responses. We’ll do similar with the anger/ rage responses of other people around us. . . plus learn how to avoid or de-escalate situations and people.

What you will learn:

Who will benefit from AMG

This group will benefit those with anger issues, those who love someone with these issues or those who work/socialise with a person or people with these issues.

Have you struggled unsuccessfully to control your anger in the past? Do you often fly off the handle over little things?

No matter how ingrained your aggressive behaviour is, our approach can help you stay calm, clear, and in control of your anger. Anger is a part of the human experience. If not managed properly, anger can be destructive. But anger can also be used for your benefit once you learn to identify, manage, and channel it wisely.

Call today to register your interest The Lifeskills Anger Management group (AMG) runs one night of the week for 2 hours for a total of 6 weeks. By focusing on the difference between anger and rage it addresses why other anger management groups, notoriously do not work.

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