Valentina is flexible in her application of clinical strategies, whilst having a preference for working within a solution focussed framework. Valentina uses techniques and models from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, narrative, mindfulness, psychodynamic and interpersonal therapeutic approaches.   She tailors counselling to the personality and needs of the client in a non-judgemental and supportive way.

Valentina Ukich,
Registered Phsycologist
Post Grad Dip Health Services

With over 20 years clinical experience; Valentina has worked in a broad range of settings such as the central desert and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs here in Perth.  Valentina has gained experience with diverse client groups including Indigenous, migrants and people from refugee backgrounds.  For the last 6 years Valentina has applied her skills with individuals, couples, children, and families in private practice.


Counsellors and Psychologists both use counselling as their main therapy tool, there is overlap in the initial training and also some distinctions. Part of staying registered involves continued professional development for both disciplines and so interests and personal style become the main differences translated in therapy.  Psychologists may be especially helpful when people wish to address longer standing issues and entrenched patterns and behaviours. 

   Special Interest Areas Include;
·      PTSD & Trauma recovery
·      Anxiety & Depression  
·      Stress Management & relaxation
·      Relationship and Family problems
·      Substance related disorders /Addictions
·      Grief and loss
·      Workplace related issues
·      Pregnancy and parenting
·      unresolved family of origin and childhood experiences