Sexology is the study of human sexuality. Sex and sexuality are aspects of life that affect the way we think, dress, behave and interact with other humans beings…whether we realize it or not! Everyone has been brought up with a certain set of values and understandings of sexuality; sometimes in a positive way and other times in a way that negatively impacts the adults we become.

We live in a world that is constantly obsessing and comparing ourselves to other people. We want to follow the latest trends and some of us have a competitive edge to this obsession. When it comes to sex, we also want to know about other people’s sex lives, what is normal and where we fit in comparison. What some people struggle to hear is that there is
no such thing as normal when it comes to sex! 

Instead of obsessing with norms and averages, a sexologist can help you learn what you feel comfortable with and what works for you. The key to a healthy sex life is that there is no right or wrong, there is just what is right for you.

Education around the subject of human sexuality is extremely limited in schools today. Who teaches us about sexual orientation and diversity? Who teaches us how to have a great relationship? How do we learn about intimacy, boundaries, pleasure and self-appreciation? Not in school that’s for sure! A sexologist is an educator as well as a counsellor. They can help you learn relationship skills, develop new values and ideas about sexuality and also go back to basics to understand concepts that you aren’t familiar with. 

An attitude of sex-positivity is one that is open-minded about your own and other people’s sexual diversity. Sex-positivity is essential in achieving a wholesome attitude towards sex, but sex-positivity takes time. The most important thing is to decide what works out for you and your lifestyle and a sexologist can assist in that journey.

Areas that a sexologist specializes in include: Female and male sexuality, disability and sexuality, love and relationships, older adult sexuality, youth/teenage sexuality, LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) issues, sexual expression and education.

Commonly Asked Questions

“What does a sexologist do?”

If sexology is the study of human sexuality then a sexologist is a person who teaches, guides, facilitates, informs, investigates and counsels other people in relation to sexuality and the many facets it involves. Being a sexologist means being able to help people reach what they are searching for. This might mean an understanding of something new, skills they can take home with them or a personal emotional change.

“Do I have to have a sexual problem to see a sexologist?”

While some people seek help from a sexologist for a sexual problem or issue, you definitely do not need to be suffering from a dysfunction to benefit from a sexologist. You might need to be informed on a new topic, understand why you feel the way you do about sex, or simply want to improve your sexual encounters.

“Am I weird if I like/dislike…?”

As stated earlier, there is no such thing as ‘normal’ or on the other hand ‘weird’ when it comes to your sexuality.  Sexologists have heard it all so you should always feel comfortable and safe if you choose to see one.

“What type of person should
see a sexologist?”

Every type of person! Men, women, teenagers, adults, married couples, single people, heterosexual, LGBTI…