Being a FIFO Family sure has its ups and downs! For starters, there are many pressures from different directions. Things like creating a happy family environment, running the family home and keeping the kids on track, all of this whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner.

Imagine being able to keep on top of this, just through having someone independent to talk to, someone that understands the pressures you face. That is where we can assist you by creating sound strategies to help you deal with the unique challenges facing you as a FIFO Family.

Lifeskills Centre is based here in Perth and we have over 20 years of experience in helping people just like you to deal with challenges and situations that often seem overwhelming.

Regain the Balance in Your Lives

We can help you, your partner and your kids to:

  • Deal with the pressures of the FIFO lifestyle
  • Adjust to changes when your partner departs and returns         
  • Set goals as a family unit
  • Manage anxiety associated with employment contracts
  • Stay mentally and physically healthy
  • Maintain a happy and fulfilled marriage


The value of Lifeskills Centre has been recognised through our invited participation in the National Wellness Conference held in Port Hedland. Lifeskills Centre is also regularly called upon to help clients in Port Hedland to deal with grief, loss and other issues facing FIFO workers and their families.

Our Counsellors will address your concerns, offer support and guidance and help you achieve a happy and fulfilling life!

Need ongoing support?
Lifeskills Centre has teamed up with FIFO Families to provide you with even stronger support.

Act Now!
If you’re looking for that extra helping hand, simply phone Lifeskills Centre on 9361 9092 or email us to arrange:

  •     Relationship counselling
  •     Counselling for kids
  •     Management of anxiety
  •     Improved health and wellbeing
  •     Sessions via Skype

What can a Sexologist do for FIFO Families?

The term ‘Sexologist’ might sound quite confronting to some however it involves a lot more than just problems in the bedroom. Our Sexologist can help with the dynamics in your relationship such as respect, power, and gender roles. 

Many FIFO couples need help to reconnect emotionally as well as physically and our Sexologist can teach you knew ways to communicate effectively with one another again. Another main component of a FIFO relationship and a Sexologists job is intimacy, which takes work, attention and practice. Click here to find out more about our Sexologist. Find out More...